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reserve bounce house onlineHigh Quality PA System for all events

Turn up the volume! This state of the art PA system is available for rental in Houston, Texas areas. Easily connect an iPod, iPad, computer, TV, DVD player, or other devices and crank up the volume. Plug in our microphone for a great karaoke night. This PA System packs a lot of power into an easy to carry suitcase like container. Any adult or teen can easily move this PA System. Great for church outings, political fundraisers, school events, birthdays, private parties, weddings, wedding music, or any special event where you need some sound.

Simple Set Up:
1. Flip open the cabinet latches on the sides of the Passport and detach the speaker cabinets from the powered mixer section.
2. For optimal results, elevate the speaker cabinets on Passport Speaker Stands or on sturdy tables and place the speakers far apart to maximize stereo separation. Position the mixer close to where you will be performing so you will have easy access to the control panel.
3. Open the storage compartment on the rear of the mixer and remove the power cord and speaker cables.
NOTE: The back wall of the storage compartment features a docking connector for a Passport UHF Wireless Microphone System.
4. Plug the speaker cables into the left and right speaker jacks on the back of the mixer, then connect the corresponding left and right speakers. Make sure the power switch is off, then plug the supplied power cord into the power socket on the back of the mixer and the other end into a grounded AC power outlet.

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Complete PA Package:
Includes:Fender Passport PA System, Speaker Stands, Speakers, wires for connections

Rental: $60 all day.

Add a Projector to your event: $50
Add a DVD Player to your event: $50

Customer must provide DVD or discs, game system, computer, electricity or other media devices. If electricity is not available, generators are available for a rental fee.